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*Ting Ting….. Round 3 CNY home dinner
They all loved the Black Pork Slices!!!
Black pork steamboat

Black Pork Testimonial 1
Tan Kiang

Dear Wilfred,
Thank you for bringing these lovely meats just in time for our traditional CNY Reunion Dinner.
The meat was not only tender, but sweeten the soup that create an unforgetable aroma

We will order more for BBQ next time.
All the best

2015-02-18 19.59.32

2015-02-18 20.14.53



Loved every bite of the Wagyu!!!

Wagyu Beef Testimonial 1

My students loved it!!! Your Wagyu is of excellent quality!!Chef Wagyu Class
Wagyu Beef Steak Chef

Wagyu Beef Testimonial 2
Michelle Chef

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